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Trust in a Name

"I'd like you to know how grateful we are for your expertise and help with our difficult tax issues. You did a great job dealing with the IRS. Thank you."

Sylvia (Savings: $140,000)

"Dear Regis and Donald,

Thank you for helping me survive another tax year. 2007 ended as a year that I'd like to put behind me. Your command of tax rules/regulations, diligence with the process, and understanding along the way is appreciated. All the best to you."



Thank you for doing such a great job with my taxes. You made this very easy for me and I appreciate it. See you next year!



A farmer client of Donald E. Graves, CPA, LLC wanted to transfer his land to his son as a gift. The father was expected to pass away in six months. Donald advised to will the son 50% interest at the fair market value at death. This was at least a $500,000 increase to the son's tax basis and no estate tax to the father's estate. This allowed the son to pay lower taxes for several years after the inheritance and a deduction for as long as 15 years.

Our Client's Expectations Have Been Exceeded in the Past By:

  • Creating a solution to a prospective client's $1,000,000 expected income tax liability. Savings exceeded $500,000 .

  • Resolving Client/IRS conflict by amending tax returns; educating IRS agent in the process so that creative solutions would be accepted. Saved the client $95,000 .

  • Analyzing client business practices, recommending changes, then seeing business go from net income of $35,000 to over $100,000 .

  • Negotiating an equitable dissolution between hostile business partners. Averted a costly legal battle, saving thousands of dollars in legal fees .

  • Changing Client's business structure to save over $6,000 per year in taxes, while providing greater asset protection from lawsuits.

  • Providing financial data to the property tax assessor, reducing Client's annual property tax from $18,000 to $11,000 .

It's not what you make. It's what you keep.